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Pet Insurance

The City of Akron is happy to offer employees and their furry family members a 10% discount on pet insurance from Embrace Pet Insurance

The accident and illness pet health insurance policy from Embrace covers nearly everything, including:

Vomiting/ diarrhea Emergency and specialist care
Cancer treatment Breed-specific conditions
Cruciate/ ACL tear Prescription medications
Alternative treatments Exam fee for covered conditions
Dental illness and injury Click Here for More…

Every pet insurance policy is customizable to fit any budget, and also includes 24/7 pet telehealth from PawSupport.

Pet parents can also add-on an optional wellness plan to help budget for preventative and routine care, such as grooming, training, spay/neuter and dental cleanings.

Visit the website here to get a quote and access the discount: City of Akron Embrace Pet Insurance

Quoting/Policy/Customer Care Contact Information

Embrace Benefits: (800) 940-4889
General Customer Care: (800) 511-9172
Customer Care:
Mon-Fri 9a-8pm EST
Sat 10a-2pm EST