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Vision Plan

Group Number 500878

Benefit Period January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022

The City of Akron provides vision benefits through Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO). The vision plan provides for an annual exam and materials such as lenses and frames up to the specified allowances listed below. You may receive services at any provider for vision services as this is a traditional plan with no network requirement. Certain frequency limits apply to the services listed below.

Vision Services In-Network
Exam (one per Benefit Period) $50 Allowance
Lenses (per pair, one pair per Benefit Period)  
Single Vision $40 Allowance
Bifocal $60 Allowance
Trifocal $76 Allowance
Lenticular $92 Allowance
Contact Lenses (once per Benefit Period)  
After cataract surgery $116 Allowance
For visual acuity not correctable to 20/70 in the better
eye by use of conventional lenses
$116 Allowance
Other contacts $60 Allowance
Frames (per frame, one frame every two Benefit Periods) $60 Allowance

Vision Benefit Limitations:

No benefit will be made for expenses incurred for:

    • Medical or surgical treatment of the eye.
    • Lenses which are not medically necessary and are not prescribed by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, or frames for such lenses.
    • Sunglasses, whether or not prescribed.
    • Replacement of lenses unless an examination shows that, using the existing prescription, a visual defect equal to at least one-half of one diopter in strength exists or a change of at least 10% in axis for astigmatism is required.
    • Care not listed in the schedule.
    • Tinted lenses prescribed by the examiner when over Rose Tints No. 1 or No. 2.
    • Charges for the excess cost of lenses over 65 millimeters in diameter.